1893 Worlds Fair Gazibo Ceiling

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1893 Worlds Fair Exhibitors Booth Ceiling

In 2016, the Razed and Found team deconstructed an 1890s Victorian style gazebo with ornate woodwork on Pewaukee Lake. The gazebo was one of three minor structures still in Wisconsin from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, alongside the Norway Building, a copy of a 12th Century stave church near Blue Mounds and the terra cotta, German Baroque Pabst Exhibition Pavilion now located at the Pabst Mansion on Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee. The gazebo served as a showcase of the artistic skill in Wisconsin.

The gazebo’s World’s Exposition origin was previously just speculation, but Razed and Found uncovered proof of the gazebo’s provenance during deconstruction—each section of the gazebo included the pictured 3-color paper label detailing its inclusion in the Liberal Arts category of the exhibition.

In addition to the interesting history of the gazebo, its builder George Poppert turned out to be an interesting person as well. The son of German immigrants, Poppert was a prosperous and successful manufacturer of sash, doors, and blinds and amassed a wealth of what would today be almost 5 million. Poppert invested much of his time and resources into the community and was a well-respected businessmen, but he and his sons were rather unlucky in marriage. All three of his sons divorced their wives and the elder Poppert even married one of his son’s ex-wives for his own second marriage.

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12' x 12'

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