Razed & Found is a division of WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc. The proceeds from this division support WasteCap's vision to transform waste into resources. Razed & Found offers deconstruction services, do-it-yourself event workshops, and operates a retail store that sells reclaimed building materials. Its primary mission is to preserve Milwaukee's rich architectural history by turning what would normally be seen as waste, into cherished resources.

Razed & Found serves as a prominent resource for Milwaukee's vibrant network of homeowners, architects, developers, artists and interior designers alike. Our retail store boasts a wide variety of reusable materials including lumber, antique hardware, vintage fixtures and other architectural components.   


Razed & Found

2123 W. Michigan St. Milwaukee, WI 53233


Retail Store Open From:

Wednesdays - Thursday (By appointment only)

Fridays (10:00am - 5:00pm)

Saturdays (10:00am - 4:00pm)



E-Mail: info@razedandfound.com

Phone: (414) 961-1100


"This place is great!  I've done some really cool things to my office space with reclaimed flooring & doors among other things.  The prices are fair and the staff is friendly & knowledgeable.  They don't mind spending a little time with you to help you with ideas for a project.  Highly recommended!"    Lance Wooten - Riverwest Realty Milwaukee



Razed & Found is a proud member of the following associations: 

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The Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA)


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The ReUse People of America (TRP)


Wisconsin Urban Wood

Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW)


Nation Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)
     Milwaukee Chapter