Sponsor Highlight - Wudeward Urban Forest Products

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Sponsor Highlight - Wudeward Urban Forest Products

Here at Razed & Found we have the pleasure of having so many great sponsors that are so integral to the success of our organization.


We are thrilled to highlight Wudeward Urban Forest Products. Wudeward is an exclusive supplier of Wisconsin Urban Wood, the brand that assures buyers our lumber originated from Wisconsin and passed through an entire supply chain of Wisconsin-based people and businesses to arrive as the final product.


Dwayne Sperber, owner of Wudeward, has been a supporter of Razed & Found since day one. "We aim to find the highest and best use for every removed urban tree and to invest that value back into our communities." said Dwayne. “Razed & Found is on a parallel path through the “other” urban forest and preserving Milwaukee’s built history along the way.”


Dwayne is even an avid customer of our shop. One of his favorite finds at R&F was a collection of 40+ safety deposit boxes the we found in a closed bank building before it was demolished. Dwayne liked the boxes because they are great for storage. They even inspired the creation of a unique table, with five of the boxes joined to serve as the table’s top.

Lastly, Dwayne adds “It is my pleasure to support Razed & Found as we both raise awareness and confidence in reclaimed and local building materials.”