Deconstruction Services

Deconstruction is the systematic dismantling of a building or its parts to salvage and harvest the components within; with the purpose of reusing and/or recycling these reclaimed materials and commodities for their maximum economic and environmental value. Deconstruction ranges from strip-out, selective deconstruction, hybrid deconstruction, and full deconstruction. We offer deconstruction services for residential and commercial buildings. If you are a property owner or contractor interested in deconstruction, let us help offset your project's landfill disposal fees and save materials from entering the landfill. The Razed & Found retail store will accept most of these materials to be sold in the local reuse marketplace.

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Strip-Out & Selective Deconstruction

Are you remodeling your home interior, kitchen, or bathroom. The Razed & Found deconstruction team is here to help! We offer full service strip-out and selective deconstruction services. Our experienced crew will harvest the most easily removable building components, reduce your waste disposal fees, and offer a tax-deductible donation receipt for materials donated to the Razed & Found retail store. Materials typically targeted for strip-out include finished materials, equipment, kitchen cabinets, doors, fixtures, furnishings, flooring, lighting, and bathroom fixtures.


Full Deconstruction & Hybrid Deconstruction

The Razed & Found deconstruction team partners with contractors and workforce development groups to complete full deconstruction and hybrid deconstruction projects. In addition to our our physical salvage services, our team offers consulting services. These deconstruction consulting services include conducting a site assessment, writing a materials management plan, creating a salvage inventory report, coordinating waste management services, identifying outlets for materials, and tracking landfill diversion efforts. 


The ReUse People of America / The ReUse Solution 

Razed & Found (WasteCap Resource Solutions, Inc.) is a part of The ReUse People of America, a national network of independent warehouses, certified decontruction contractors, and regional managers all promoting The ReUse Solution.


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