Shou Sugi Ban Table

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This table was built in house by our Razed & Found team. The base was found in a home that had suffered a severe structural fire. We wanted the design of the top to be inspired by the history of the table base. To accomplish this we used an ancient Japanese woodworking technique called Shou Sugi Ban. Translated literally Shou Sugi Ban means “burnt cedar wood.” the charring and brushing of the wood both protects the table top from the elements and give the wood a unique ridged texture.


We picked four 2x10 old growth Pine boards out of our wood racks and after work one summer night the Razed & Found team sent them through the Shou Sugi Ban process. The wood top was then cleaned with a wire brush exposing the hard winter growth lines in the wood. The base was also cleaned with a brush to give it the same texture as the Sugi Ban Top and a new layer of clear coat was applied.  The resulting table is fit for interior or exterior use.

66" x 36.5" x 30.5"

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